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Sample condolence letters

I hope that you would never become the recipient of such condolence letters, and hopefully you will not have to write them. But any business person and decent writer must know the rules of writing condolence letters. The rules for condolence messages are extra important because of the feelings and the mental and emotional state of the recipient. In the continuation of the post on rules on writing condolence letters, this post offers samples of condolence letters.

Samples of condolence Letters

In this sample condolence letter a supervisor contacts the husband of the late associate.

The news of Linda’s accidental death was a great shock; please accept my sincere sympathy.

For many years I have enjoyed working with Linda, as have her other friends and co-workers. She was a woman of integrity, ability, wit, and kindness. We will miss her greatly.

Here is another sample condolence letter sent by a friendly competitor regarding the accident.

We just heard that your facilities were vandalized over the weekend to the point that you cannot operate on the air. Please accept our sympathy.

You station has been a pioneer in efforts to present an informative alternative to all-news radio, and you have presented some points of view that other stations would shy away from. We would hate to see something like this happen to any of our fellow radio stations, but the fact that it happened to you is especially chilling.

Tom, we’d like to help you get back on the air somehow — and quickly. If there is anything we can do, such as lending engineers or equipment, don’t hesitate to talk to me about it.

I hope the unpleasant memory of this despicable act will soon replaced by good feelings about the many people in the city who wish you well.

Note in this second sample condolence letter, the writer accurately reassures the reader that they not only have enemies, but friends too. The author offers help in a not-too-specific way, so that this offer does not intrude on the main message.

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