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Investigative essay writing techniques

Investigative essay writing is closely related to research paper writing. Investigative writing must begin with asking questions on the subject, and finding relevant sources of information, such as knowledgeable people, books, scholarly reviewed articles and journals, websites, or any combinations of these.

In most cases, collecting information for an investigative essays requires the ability to use a library. You would need to read the materials found on your topic, and then summarize, paraphrase, and quote key ideas accurately from other people’s writings. In addition, personal interviews with people knowledgeable in the field are often helpful. Talk to an expert, authority, witness, or participant of the event or occasion. You could also survey the general public to determine the majority attitudes or opinions, trends, and reactions. Once you have collected required information, you should then present your findings in a written form suitable for your audience, with clear references in the text to the sources of information.

Techniques for investigative essay writing

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(2009-02-18 13:55:55) permalinkSean Priestley informs:
Dear Blair, you can use Google advanced search to find the information you need. Simply search for Hunter S. Thompson, and you will filter the results to .org sites only. You can change .org to .gov or .edu, for more related search results.
(2009-02-18 01:59:06) permalinkBlair claims:
My professor said no using websites with .com. To use .org, .gov, .edu. I am looking to write this paper on Hunter S. Thompson. Are there any good websites with ligit information I could check out?
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