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Acceptable college essay fonts

Typically, you are not obligated to write your college essay papers in a certain font face. However, some professors require to write in Times New Roman. In that case, you should simply follow the instructions and set your word processor to that font face.

In cases when you do not have to stick to one specific font face, you are free to choose a font face for your essay all by yourself. But remember that you are writing for an educational establishment and you are still limited in your options: there are several generally acceptable fonts faces for college essays.

Acceptable college essay fonts

Many times you will notice that your college professors write something like “you essay must be in a readable font face” or similar. The term “readable” is very subjective, and you could use any funny and amusing font face, and then claim that it is readable. However, to avoid multiple submissions (remember, professors have a right to refuse to accept your essay), you should choose one of the following acceptable font faces for your essay. This list includes those fonts that are

  1. generally accepted
  2. easy to read
  3. available in all word processors

But first, let us review the two types of fonts. There are serif fonts, and sans-serif fonts. Serifs are those little elements at the strokes of letters; sans-serifs are chopped, and are without those little hooks.

You can sure pick another font for your college essays, but make sure that it reads easily. If feel at least a little unconfortable reading the font, choose another one from the list above. If you are not assigned to use a specific font for your college essay, then pick any one from the list and you will have no problems with submission for sure. This list of acceptable college essay fonts has proven that all teachers accept and approve them.

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